COMPANY PROFILE-Okamoto Co.,Ltd. 【Manufacturer in Saitama】Specializing in cutting processes


Main Features of Okamoto

01Our production system can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

At Okamoto, we process a wide range of precision parts with technology that has been handed down for many years.
Especially with resin material, we specialize in high precision rollers for optics which has been highly evaluated by our valued customers.
We have approximately 80 subcontracting partners which specialize in various fields such as, NC automatic lather, machining, precision press, metal processing, and molding. Our system enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers. As NC automatic lather is one of our main operations, we have approximately 100 machines currently operating, including those owned by our subcontracting partners.
We have the capacity to process 1 trail precision part to approximately 2,000,000 parts per item.

02We process a wide range of materials.

Metal : Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other special materials.
Plastic : POM, teflon, nylon, PP, ultem, cerazole, PEEK and other special materials.
We have expertise in engineering plastics and super engineering plastics, and maintain an allowance of ±5μ (Max±3μ) in POM processing.

03A highly reliable quality control and production system.

We manage our quality control and production system based on ISO9001.
We consider the management of “Environmentally Hazardous Substances” as an important part of our quality control. We work under the slogan, “Do not use, do not emit” and work to be an environmentally friendly company by fulfilling the obligations of ISO14001. By acquiring one ISO together with our factory in Vietnam, we are able to produce and supply products with the exact same quality both in Japan and Vietnam.

Business Philosophy

We have a dream.
We place our dreams in small components
and provide manufacturing services
at both our Japanese and Vietnamese bases,
contributing to the development of
our business partners and society.
For that purpose

Pursuit of technology

Capturing ever-changing needs and challenging ourselves with new technologies every day.

Promotion of education

Creating a place within information sharing where individuals can improve themselves daily to continue providing a workplace environment where employees can work with peace of mind.


Actively engaging in all situations surrounding us, including with clients, within the company, and within the community.


Creating opportunities for talent exchange, technology exchange, and information sharing between our bases in Japan and Vietnam to strive for mutual improvement.


Quality and Environment Policies

At Okamoto, through parts processing , we continuously take quality and environmental measures to satisfy our customers and contribute to society.

  1. To pursue the requirements of our customers, our whole company will work together to improve the quality of our products, and secure steady supply of our products.
  2. We will recognize the environmental impact of our business operations and products, and work together to promote the reduction of pollution, conservation of energy and resources, reduction of waste, and management of chemical substances.
  3. We will clarify regulations, and what needs to be done by our company and work together to abide by these regulations.
  4. We will work together to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality and environmental management system.

Okamoto Engineering Vietnam

Our company has a subsidiary Okamoto Engineering Vietnam in Northern Vietnam. Information is constantly shared between these 2 companies.
Trial production in Japan/mass production in Vietnam is possible. We can also export our products to countries in Asia.
More details on Okamoto Engineering Vietnam

Message from the CEO

We are a “small company” that produces “small parts” that are used in household appliances and medical equipment. Our country Japan, which once used to be a leader in manufacturing, is facing a time of great change and we are all struggling to survive these hard times. Even our small company has been affected, and we are repeatedly forced to ask ourselves “What is manufacturing?”. Japanese manufacturing has expanded domestically and internationally, and is shifting from “Made in Japan” to “Made in Japanese-Soul”. In order to fulfill our responsibilities we will develop global awareness, and thrive together for the creation of a prosperous society, and high quality products.
“Our products may be very small, but our dreams are big.”

CEO Kazunori Okamoto

Company Overview

Trade name Okamoto Co.,Ltd.
Address 5-11-2 Nishibori, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Pref. 338-0832 Japan
CEO Tomonori Okamoto
Contact TEL 048-710-8850
FAX 048-762-3325
Establishment September, 1972
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Employees 31
Subsidiary KAMOTO ENGINEERING VIETNAM (Established in June, 2013)
ISO Certification Quality 9001 : Certified 2015
Environment 14001 : Certified 2015